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Surf Excel Gentle Wash Liquid


  •    200 ml
  •    1.05 litre

About Surf Excel

Your little one just came back from school, but he’s not alone! He has brought your worst enemies and his best friends home with him. Do you know who they are? That’s right – it’s the stains!
But you don’t have to fear – Surf excel Liquid Detergent is here! This new liquid detergent is two times better at stain removal than detergent powder.


Ink or grease marks, pickle stains, mud or tea stains – Surf excel Liquid Detergent will penetrate through these everyday tough stains and remove them easily. Whether you bucket wash or machine wash, laundry cleaning is now easier than ever with this new detergent.

Rs. 50

Tide Liquid Detergent Mountain Spring


  •    1.47 Ltr

About Tide Liquid Detergent

Tide mountain spring liquid detergent is a revolutionary product, made by Tide, for the new age citizen, keeping in mind the specific requirements. This path breaking product ensures that you don't get bogged down with the daily mundane routine of doing your laundry, checking for stubborn stains, re-cleaning etc. Made with a completely new formula, obtained after years of research, it aims to eliminate the toughest of stains, while being extremely gentle on your clothes.


Whether it is ink stains or grease, food stains or dirt, Tide mountain spring liquid detergent deep cleaning goes right to the core of the problem, fighting the stain at a molecular level so that you get a clean and hygienic experience after every wash. The mountain spring contents present in the washing powder provides the liquid detergent with a unique fragrance that will stay on till the end of day. Tide mountain spring liquid detergent has been designed to work perfectly even at 30°C to 15°C. 

Rs. 605

Vanish Liquid


  •    900 ml
  •    500 ml
  •    180 ml

About Vanish

Vanish Liquid Fabric Stain Remover has 2X more power against stains. Its non-chlorine formula is safe for all fabrics and colors. Add Vanish Liquid with your laundry detergent to effectively remove all kinds of obstinate stains, whiten whites and brighten colors.

Rs. 110

Vanish Shakti O2


  •    450 gm
  •    240 gm
  •    120 gm
Rs. 160
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